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WARROAD, Minn.—As the Marvin Family of Brands continues to add new products and services to its portfolio, the Marvin, Integrity and Infinity brands have introduced a new elevation only shop drawing feature to its Order Management System (OMS), which will enrich the quoting and ordering processes for your customers and deliver an improved experience.

Integrated seamlessly into OMS, the new shop drawing feature allows dealers and distributors creating quotes for architects and builders to quickly and easily generate elevation only shop drawings directly from their Marvin, Integrity or Infinity window or door quote. Complete with scaled, dimensional drawings that include labels and specification listings, creating shop drawings is not only a much simpler process, but it also limits the potential for mistakes.

“At Marvin, we are extremely dedicated to our dealers and to providing them not only high quality products that they can stand behind, but also services that make doing business even easier.  And this new feature is one of the ways that we are continuing to do just that,” said Darrin Peterson, Vice President, Customer Services. “We are excited to make this feature available and deliver value to our partners to enhance their customer interactions.”

To find out more, please visit your local Marvin, Integrity or Infinity dealer. To find a dealer near you, visit and click on “Where to Buy.”

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New Window Opening Control Device restricts window opening to less than four inches and requires two distinct actions to disengage

FARGO, N.D. – Integrity® from Marvin Windows and Doors is proud to announce that a new solution, which was designed to improve child safety and fall prevention, is now available for its Wood-Ultrex and All Ultrex Gliders.

The new, factory-applied Window Opening Control Devices (WOCD) limit the window opening to less than four inches. They require two distinct actions to disengage, and they automatically reset when the window is returned to closed position. The WOCDs are available in White and Almond Frost on Wood-Ultrex Gliders and in White on All Ultrex Gliders.

The WOCD feature meets ASTM F2090-10 requirements, which were developed in response to increasing media and legislative focus on child safety and fall prevention. The solution also complies with the 2012 International Building Code (IBC) requirements for fall-prevention devices, and they maintain all product WDMA Hallmark Certified Performance Grade (PG) ratings.

“We are thrilled to add this solution to our glider windows,” said Becky Felling, Director of Marketing at Integrity Windows and Doors. “Expanding our high-quality, factory-applied Window Opening Control devices to these products provides builders the opportunity to use Integrity windows in even more building applications, whether code requires a WOCD or not.”

Builders and homeowners should check their local building codes for further WOCD information.

Integrity previously added WOCD solutions to additional products, including its Wood-Ultrex® and All Ultrex Casement, Double Hung and Single Hung windows.

Please visit your Integrity or your local Integrity dealer for more information.

Insert Casement and Awning answer need for whole house Wood-Ultrex solutions

FARGO, N.D. – Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors is expanding its industry-leading product line with new insert windows that combine tough fiberglass exteriors with warm wood interiors. Now there’s an option for those who want Integrity’s pioneering casement and awning windows in an insert application.

Integrity’s Wood-Ultrex Insert Casement and Awning windows add more great options for homeowners, builders, remodelers and architects who seek durable performance combined with lasting beauty.

Every Integrity window is made with Ultrex®, Integrity’s patented pultruded fiberglass that’s as strong as steel. Combining the industry’s best high-performance finish with superior energy efficiency, Integrity windows outperform vinyl and composite products.

Now, that high performance joins the Wood-Ultrex Insert Double Hung for virtually any remodeling or renovation project.

Features of Integrity’s new Insert Casement and Awning windows include:

  • Through-jamb installation
  • Various glass options, including standard LoĒ2-272® glass with optional LoĒ-180TM or LoĒ³-366®
  • Optional factory applied Window Opening Control Device for greater window safety
  • Optional factory or field mulling
  • Divided Lites available in Grilles-Between-the-Glass (GBG), Wood Interior Grilles, Simulated Divided Lites (SDL), or Simulated Divided Lites with spacer bar (SDLS)
  • Exterior finishes in Stone White, Pebble Gray, Bronze, Evergreen, Cashmere or Ebony
  • Interior in warm pine or factory pre-finished white paint
  • The option of using Exterior Trim for a more personalized exterior look

And like all Integrity products, the new Wood-Ultrex Casement and Awning windows come with a 10-day delivery guarantee.

“We are committed to offering a complete and comprehensive product line,” said Becky Felling, Director of Marketing for Integrity Windows and Doors. “With casements and awnings being some of the most used windows on the market, the Wood-Ultrex Insert Casement and Awning windows are what our valued customers really wanted to see in our mix. These windows can work in a variety of homes and buildings, and they offer virtually worry-free toughness that looks great for years.”

For those who need a strong, tough door, but crave expansive views, Integrity Windows and Doors offers the perfect solution: the new 4 Panel Sliding French Door.

The 4 Panel Sliding French Door brings together the beauty of wood and the strength of Ultrex in the largest Integrity door yet. The biparting four panel configuration is available in sizes up to sizes up to 16’ wide by 8’ tall.

This door answers the need for whole-house Integrity door projects, as a 4 panel configuration is frequently used as a crucial design feature.  Large doors like the 4 Panel Sliding French Door let in maximum daylight and can help bring the outdoors inside. And, with a taller rail on the bottom panels, this door has a beautifully traditional look.

As an Integrity product, the 4 Panel Sliding French Door has a wide variety of options available including bare wood or a pre-finished white interior, six exterior color options (including darker colors like Ebony—something vinyl can’t match), divided lites, and LoE-180, LoE-272 and LoE-366 glass for optimal energy performance in all climates.

For remodel and replace projects, the 4 Panel Sliding French Door is also available in Special Sizes (1/64” increments). Precise sizing changes allow builders and remodelers to use this 4 Panel Sliding French Door in a wide variety of applications. And as part of the Wood-Ultrex line, the 4 Panel Sliding French Door coordinates seamlessly with the full line of Wood-Ultrex products, including the new Insert Double Hung.

“We are very excited to be introducing this 4 Panel Sliding French Door, as it truly is a valuable addition to our portfolio,” said Becky Felling, Director of Marketing for Integrity Windows and Doors. “It’s our biggest door by far and we know that trade professionals are going to love it for its 10-day delivery and straightforward installation. Homeowners are going to love its high-end looks and how low maintenance it is. And, with the large sizes, this door offers design flexibility that allows consumers to open up their spaces and let the outside in—a feature that is in high demand.  The timing of this product couldn’t be more perfect.”

Large sizing, top performance: the Wood-Ultrex 4 Panel Sliding French Door may very well be the perfect fiberglass door solution.

FARGO, N.D.—Integrity® from Marvin Windows and Doors has been named the “Best Quality Fiberglass Window Brand” in a recent Brand Use Study conducted by BUILDER Magazine. 

The study, sponsored by publisher Hanley Wood and conducted by an independent third-party research company, surveyed more than 10,000 builders, developers and general contractors on their awareness and use of various brands in 69 different categories. Respondents were asked their overall familiarly with brand, usage and opinion of the manufacturer’s quality.

“This third-party validation backs up what we’ve known about the Integrity brand for years—that we lead the fiberglass category based on our product innovation and quality,” said Becky Felling, Integrity Director of Marketing. “Our Ultrex® fiberglass windows are a superior product that trade professionals and homeowners have really responded to. It’s tough, virtually maintenance-free and it looks great in any home, making it an ideal fit for a wide variety of projects.”

Integrity’s fiberglass windows are made with Ultrex—a state-of-the-art pultruded fiberglass that is eight times stronger than vinyl, three times stronger than wood/vinyl composites and as strong as steel. Integrity offers an All Ultrex fiberglass line of products, as well as a Wood-Ultrex line that combines an authentic wood interior with a virtually indestructible fiberglass exterior. Both lines are available with numerous design and glazing options for both new construction and the remodel and replace market, and are available in six exterior finish colors (including darker colors such as Ebony, which most vinyl manufacturers cannot offer due to durability and fading concerns).

The toughness of Integrity’s Ultrex is legendary, making it quite possibly the perfect building material. It beautifully resists rotting, warping, fading and chipping. Additionally, Integrity’s Ultrex is currently the first and only finish to have achieved 624-10 verification from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), and to have completed lab requirements for 625-10. These certifications mean that the industry’s best fiberglass finish has undergone rigorous testing and is proven to resist fading, chalking, scratching and cracking to keep your project looking good for years to come.

“We’ve always known how durable our finish is, but it’s great for our customers to have independent corroboration,” Felling said. “It truly shows that when you buy an Integrity window or door, you’re getting the whole package: beauty, durability, performance, outstanding service and support, backed by Integrity’s unmatched 10-day delivery to the distributor.”

For more information on BUILDER’s Brand Use Study, please visit For more information about Integrity’s Fiberglass window and door options, please visit

New factory-applied device for Double Hung and Single Hung windows limits opening

Window Open Control Device

FARGO, N.D. – Responding to concerns over child safety and fall prevention, Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors now offers Window Opening Control Devices (WOCD) for its Wood-Ultrex® Double Hung and All Ultrex Double Hung and Single Hung products.

These devices restrict the window opening to less than 4 inches. They require two separate actions to disengage, and automatically reset when the window is returned to a closed position.

These WOCD solutions meet ASTM 2090-10 guidelines and comply with the 2012 International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) requirements for fall prevention devices. ASTM 2090-10 was developed in response to increasing media and legislative focus on child safety and fall prevention. Builders and homeowners should check their local building codes for further WOCD information

“We expect this intuitive device to be well received as a solution, whether codes require it or not,” said Becky Felling, Director of Marketing at Integrity Windows and Doors. “We’re certain that builders and owners across the entire housing spectrum will appreciate the value of a high-quality, factory-applied window opening control device for single hung and double hung products.”

The factory-applied devices are available in White and Beige on the Wood-Ultrex Double Hung, and in White on The All Ultrex Double Hung (IFDH) and Single Hung. The device maintains all product WDMA Hallmark Certified Performance (DP) ratings.

Please visit your Integrity dealers for more information.

Tripane with Argon glass option offers superior insulation and performance

Integrity Tripane Corner Sample

FARGO, N.D. – Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors brings its commitment to energy efficiency to the next level with the introduction of a tripane glazing option for Wood-Ultrex® casements, awnings and direct glaze windows.

These windows combine Integrity’s exclusive Ultrex pultruded fiberglass material with three panes of glass and argon gas to create the ultimate in performance, beauty and strength. With argon gas added, Integrity’s tripane glass has U-factors of .18 to .20, which means that it has superior insulating properties, keeping heat inside the home to help lower heating bills.

Wood-Ultrex casements, awnings and direct glaze windows with tripane glass live up to Integrity’s Built to Perform® promise with Design Pressure (DP) ratings of 50. The windows’ tough reputation is cemented by the WDMA’s DP rating, which measures how a window reacts to pressure or external force when closed and locked. The higher the rating, the more the window can withstand things like air and water infiltration, structural pressure and operational force.

“At Integrity, it’s important for us to be at the top of the industry when it comes to energy efficiency,” said Becky Felling, Director of Marketing at Integrity Windows and Doors. “That’s why our tripane glass with argon is a hit with builders and homeowners alike. It’s a top-notch product option that offers even better energy efficiency and the same great fit and finish as our dual pane Wood-Ultrex casements, awnings and direct glaze units.”

The tripane glass option is available on nearly all current casement, awning and direct glaze sizes, including new Special Sizes that are available in 1/64” increments. Wood-Ultrex windows using tripane glass offer all of Integrity’s current design and hardware options, including divided lite options like Simulated Divided Lites (with or without spacer bars), Grilles Between the Glass and the new Simulated Checkrail. And like all Integrity products, Wood-Ultrex casements, awnings and direct glaze windows with the tripane glass option are delivered to the dealer in an industry-leading 10 business days.

Integrity Windows and Doors achieved the Most Efficient certification in several climate zones with its tripane Wood-Ultrex Series windows. Integrity is certified as Most Efficient in the Northern and North-Central Climate Zones.

Expanded offering demonstrates Integrity’s commitment to a comprehensive All Ultrex line

All Ultrex Round Top Beauty - small

FARGO, N.D. – Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors is pleased to announce a new range of Round Top shapes and special sizes in its popular All Ultrex line.

Integrity will now offer True-Half Above Springline, Eyebrow Above Springline and Special Size Round Tops. These extensions to the All Ultrex Series Round Top offering are another key addition to the All Ultrex Series and represent Integrity’s continued commitment to providing a comprehensive line of All Ultrex products to the market.

The new additions to the All Ultrex Series Round Top family feature proprietary glass reinforced composite material that provides complementary performance attributes to Ultrex®, including Integrity’s patented finish technology, while allowing for radius bends.

Integrity is enhancing these new Round Top offerings even further with a variety of new grilles-between-the-glass lite cuts, including starburst and rectangular configurations.

“With these new Round Top shapes and sizes, Integrity is giving even more options to homeowners, builders and remodelers who desire the classic look of a round top window with the modern advantages of All Ultrex construction,” said Becky Felling, Director of Marketing at Integrity Windows and Doors. “With its strength, stability and superior finish, Ultrex just might be the perfect building material. Now we’ve made it even easier to use Ultrex on virtually any job.”

The new All Ultrex products offer LoĒ2-272® glass as standard for superior energy efficiency. LoĒ3 -366® and LoĒ-180® glass are available as options. Factory mulling also is available. Choose from among six standard exterior finishes: Stone White, Pebble Gray, Bronze, Evergreen, Cashmere, and Ebony.

And it all comes with Integrity’s 10-business-day delivery promise. Integrity dealers can offer complete information.

Windows combine coastal toughness with beautiful design and size flexibility

IZ3 Special Sizes Beauty - small

FARGO, N.D. – Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors has introduced Special Sizes on its Wood-Ultrex windows for Impact Zone 3 (IZ3) to help coastal homes and buildings weather the storm.

Special Sizes, launched in 2012 on the Wood-Ultrex line, is enormously popular among builders and remodelers who need a perfect fit for non-standard-sized windows. With products available in 1/64” increments within the size matrix, Wood-Ultrex Special Sizes meet a need for high-quality fiberglass windows in the growing R&R market.

Now the quality, beauty and durability of Wood-Ultrex Special Sizes is available for IZ3 with IMPACT features including laminated glass and a multipoint sequential locking system to ensure consistent and secure weather-tight performance.

“Coastal building applications require some of the toughest products,” said Becky Felling, Director of Marketing at Integrity Windows and Doors. “When a home or building is in a hurricane zone, the stakes are even higher. Having an impact-rated window that performs well can make the difference between a structure that stands — and one that is destroyed.”

Much of the damage in severe storms occurs when windows or doors fail. When the home’s exterior seal is breached, wind and water can enter. That can lead to water damage, structural damage – even the roof lifting off.

Integrity’s IZ products have laminated glass to help keep the exterior seal intact. In addition to the special laminate used for IZ3 products, Integrity’s glass is energy efficient, with LoĒ2-272® and LoĒ3-366® offered, so homeowners who choose Integrity get both safety and energy efficiency. And since Ultrex is naturally so durable, a Wood-Ultrex IZ3 window looks just like any other Integrity window, with no visible reinforcements or clips to distract from its beauty. Optional corrosion-resistant hardware ensures that Integrity’s coastal hardware fights off rust even with constant exposure to salt, sun and sand.

Integrity delivers more than top performance. As part of its Built to Perform® promise, Integrity’s IZ3 Wood-Ultrex Special Size windows are delivered to the dealer within 10 business days.

Wood-Ultrex IZ3 windows in Special Sizes are available in casement, awnings, double hungs, polygons, picture and transom units. Homeowners, builders and remodelers have the choice of numerous configurations with IZ3 certified mulls for design flexibility. Integrity’s Wood-Ultrex IZ3 windows in Special Sizes offer all current product options such as grilles, exterior colors, hardware finishes, screens and Ultrex Exterior Trim for a beautifully complete look. IZ3 windows are available in both Special Sizes and Standard Sizes nationwide.

“Builders, remodelers and homeowners love our Wood-Ultrex line, our Special Sizes and our Impact products,” Felling said. “It just made sense to put them all together for a complete coastal solution. Wood-Ultrex IMPACT windows in Special Sizes go beyond the coast, though. They’re great for any home or building that needs a little extra security. For instance, if a homeowner is worried about break-ins, this window could be a great solution for the first floor. The laminated glass provides a strong barrier against forced entry and cannot be cut by glasscutters. Wherever they are used, specially sized Wood-Ultrex IMPACT windows combine the power of Ultrex, the beauty of wood and the flexibility of Special Sizes for an absolutely
unbeatable window.”

New Wood-Ultrex® Insert Double Hung provides beauty, strength and flexibility to R&R market

Wood Ultrex Insert Double Hung Beauty Interior - small

FARGO, N.D. – Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors continues to lead in the Remodel & Replace market with the introduction of the new Wood-Ultrex Insert Double Hung. Combining the strength of Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass, beautiful wood interiors and a fit for any opening, the Wood-Ultrex Insert Double Hung is quite possibly the perfect insert replacement window.

Insert windows are designed for applications where an older window is not performing, but a full frame replacement isn’t needed. Integrity’s Insert Double Hung answers this need with frame-in-frame design. Wood-Ultrex Insert Double Hung windows are precision-built in 1/64” increments, so builders and remodelers can specify a size that fits each project.

“This product is something that can really be used in almost any type of project,” said Becky Felling, Director of Marketing at Integrity Windows and Doors. “Its flexible sizing makes it easy for builders to get the right fit, and our product options ensure it can fit into any home’s existing style and decor.”

Like all of Integrity’s products, the Wood-Ultrex Insert Double Hung is delivered to the dealer in only 10 days, getting this innovative product in customers’ hands fast. The Insert Double Hung is available in large sizes — up to a stunning 4 ½ feet wide by 7 feet tall for beautiful views. Dual operating sashes allow for either the upper or lower sash to be opened and removed for cleaning. Plus, the new Insert Double Hung offers the new Window Control Opening Device as an option for areas where fall prevention is a concern.

Since double hung windows lend themselves to several window configurations, the Insert Double Hung comes in operating, picture and transom units. And since the checkrail cover has a reduced overhang, the window offers a beautifully traditional look, with all the benefits of modern energy efficiency — as well as Integrity’s record of few callbacks.

The Insert Double Hung also offers builders a 3 ¼” replacement frame with through-jamb installation for a no-fuss installation experience.

“An insert double hung is something that really helps round out Integrity’s offerings to the R&R market,” said Felling. “Our customers love the toughness and beautiful profiles of Ultrex on the exterior with warm, easily-stainable wood on the interior. With the features of the Wood-Ultrex Insert Double Hung, this may be the perfect replacement window. We can’t wait to see how the market embraces it.”

For more information about the Wood-Ultrex Insert Double Hung, visit


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